Air SF

Air SF is a pneumatic system,
ideal to convey springs with a high level of entanglement.

Air SF

How does it work?

The disentangling system is realized with several air jets that cause a whirl inside the cylindrical bowl.

The springs, which manage to open up and fall down into the special duct, will be individually sucked up through a rilsan pipe that has the function of accumulation or buffering unit.

A mechanical calibre controlled by a sensor ensures the passage of the single spring alone.

With the substitution of both central duct and the calibre it is also possible to convey more spring types through a single system.

Available in the version 250 / 300 according to length and diameter of the spring.

It is possible to include in the delivery the bench, the hopper and the final pacing selector at the end of the buffering rilsan pipe.

Ideal for springs with:

Lengths from 3 to 20 mm
Diameter from 1.5 and 8 mm

Features of the system:


Substitution and interchangeability of the central duct and consequent opportunity to convey more spring types.


Minimum noise, ideal for positioning close to an operator

It does not ruin the spring wire

100% guarantee that the single spring comes out from the rilsan pipe


Very limited dimensions and weight

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