Vibro SF

Vibro SF is a vibrating system,
designed for conveying springs with a medium level of entanglement.

Vibro SF

How does it work?

The disentangling system is realized with several air jets that strongly hit the entangled springs, which tend to open up while falling inside the bowl.

As the (on average single) springs arrive at the final part of the bowl tract, they are checked by a mechanical calibre that is managed with the help of a sensor and a pneumatic slide in order to absolutely ensure the passage of the single spring.

With the substitution of the calibre and the insertion of other specific jets it is possible to convey other spring types through a single system.

It is possible to include in the delivery the noise protection hood, the bench, the hopper and the final pacing selector at the end of the buffering rilsan pipe.

Ideal for springs with:

Lengths from 5 to 50 mm
Diameter from 5 and 25 mm

Features of the system:


Substitution of the calibre and the air jets to convey more spring types.


100% guarantee that the single spring comes out from the rilsan pipe.


Minimum noise and possible use of the noise protection hood.


It can be used in countries with 230/50 - 60hz and 110/60hz equipped with adequate controllers.

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